2004: The Time’s top 100 In 2004, Tariq Ramadan has been elected The Time's top 100 most influential people in the world.
That same year, the professor is denied entry to the USA. The interdiction will end six years later with the appologies from the Obama administration.
2009: Oxford Tariq Ramadan is chair in Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University.
2012: CILE Dr. Tariq Ramadan becomes the Executive Director of the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE).
2016: French citizenship denied Immediately after announcing his desire for French citizenship, his request is virulently opposed. 2016: French censorship The political pressure against him intensifies and conferences are boycotted.
20th Oct. 2017:
First accusation
Henda Ayari claims that the rape she described in her 2016 book was in fact committed by Prof. Tariq Ramadan.
27th Oct. 2017:
Second accusation
Paule-Emma Aline (Chistelle) accuses Tariq Ramadan of rape.
7th Nov. 2017:
Leave of Absence
“By mutual agreement, and with immediate effect, Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies, has taken a leave of absence from the University of Oxford.”
27th Nov. 2017:
Henda A. is accused
A sworned agent testifies that Henda A. previously threatened him of rape accusation.
31st Jan. 2018:
48h of Detention
Tariq Ramadan voluntarily travels from Qatar to Paris after been called by the judicial police for questioning.
Following the request by the prosecutor F. Molins, Tariq is immediately detained.
1st Feb. 2018:
Lost alibi
The “lost" alibi suddenly reappears. However, there will not be enough time to give the alibi proper consideration to prevent Tariq’s incarceration the following day.
2nd Feb. 2018:
Pre-trial detention
The Judges decide to place Tariq Ramadan under preventive detention.
Feb. 2018:
From the start of his detention, Tariq Ramadan is in isolation akin to solitary confinement.
6th Mar. 2018:
Third accusation
Mounia Rabbouj (Marie) files a rape complaint in Paris, France.
16th Mar. 2018:
First visit granted
Tariq’s family is granted their first visit after 45 days of isolation.
20th Mar. 2018:
E. Marsigny
Due to disagreement on how to handle the case, Tariq Ramadan fires Yassine Bouzrou as his lawyer and hires instead Emmanuel Marsigny.
26th Mar. 2018:
Deteriorating health
The Swiss Consul visits Tariq Ramadan in jail.
The diplomat came out “shocked” by his fellow citizen’s health condition.
12th Apr. 2018:
Fourth accusation
An anonymous woman files a rape complaint in Geneva, Switzerland.
18th Apr. 2018:
Medical expertise
Contradicting previous medical assessments, and in view of Tariq’s rapidly deteriorating condition, doctors announce that Tariq’s health is compatible with detention, only if
26th Apr. 2018:
Demand for release
In light of Tariq's precarious health and contradictions in the accusers' testamonials, E. Marsigny files a demand for release.
2nd May 2018:
Paule Emme A. admits bribery
The 2nd accuser declared being pressured by secret services to file the complaint.
7th May. 2018:
The demand for release is rejected and immediately appealed.
22th May 2018:
Appeal denied
After initially being given permission, Tariq Ramadan is prohibited from appearing in court for his appeal.
The appeal is denied.
29th May 2018:
False testimonial
The investigation revealed that the initial description (date, time, place, weather) of H. Ayari’s statement is false. She consequently changes her testimonial.
5th Jun. 2018:
Tariq is heard
After 4 months of heightened isolation, Tariq is heard by the judges for the first time. Judges reduce Tariq Ramadan’s status in the Mounia Rabbouj's complaint to assisted witness.
6th Jun. 2018:
H. Ayari's new book
Ayari publishes a book about the court case she just initiated; calling for a resistance movement against haters of French values…
17th Jun. 2018:
Financial restrictions
France freezes Tariq Ramadan’s brother’s non-existent assets.
18th Jul. 2018:
Confrontation cancelled
A confrontation scheduled with the judges, lawyers, Tariq Ramadan and Paule Emme A. is cancelled due to Paule Emma's absence for medical reasons, as the court minutes revealed.
19th Jul. 2018:
Confrontation with H. Ayari
The investigation revealed that Ayari's new evidences (personal agenda and bank statements) are false. E. Marsigny requests to remove the indictment of rape charges.

Fall outside the courthouse Weakened by the confrontation, Tariq falls to the ground an lies there for two hours.
20th Jul. 2018:
Indictment removal request refused
The request to remove indictment is refused based on some undisclosed “serious or collaborated elements”.
Augoust 2018:
Denied access to mail
Since early August, Tariq is, again, denied access to his mail.
16th Sept. 2018:
Fake news
Contrarily to the press, Tariq is not indicted by the Swiss prosecutor.
18th Sept. 2018:
Confrontation with Paule-Emma A.
Key elements of the file have mysteriously disappeared.
It is now Paul-Emma’s turn to change her version of the events. Faced with her contradictions and denial, Me Marsigny calls for a psychological expertise.
Present Accused of rape, initially detained based on unjustified reasons, Tariq Ramadan is kept in isolation akin to solitary confinement like a terrorist, denied of proper medical treatment, and denied access to his own file.